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Our blog is dedicated to helping educate homeowners. We cover preventative techniques to keep your home and family safe. Ways to save money around your house and lower your bills. And local news and industry news that can be helpful to homeowners.

Help! I have a Water Leak!

Typically this is how you might feel when you discover a water a leak. But you know what, that's the right response. The reason it's the right response, is because water leaks can cause major damage quickly. All the questions start rolling through your head, and you start to get frantic. No need ...
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Freestanding Canopies with built-in Gutters

Custom Metal CanopiesR4 Restoration creates and installs custom crafted metal canopies in Suwanee. Not only are the canopies designed to bring architectural interest to a building, but are also a very practical addition. All custom metal canopies are constructed with a built-in gutter ...
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5 Tips to Prepare your Home for Winter

It's that time of the year, the weather is cooling down, leaves are changing colors and cinnamon brooms are invading your local grocery stores...that's right folks winter will be here before you know it. We've made it easy to get your home ready with these 5 tips.1. Inspect your roof, ...
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Outdoor Living

Many backyards in the Atlanta metro area are the most beautiful and yet overlooked area of a home. R4 Restoration can help create a true escape right in your backyard, that is both easy to care for and sustainable. Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces to fit anyone's needs, budgets and ...
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Hot Kitchen Trends

Take a look at 5 hot Kitchen trends White Cabinets or light wood cabinets are going to pair nicely with contemporary accents that are also trending, they reflect light and thus give the space a more open feeling, which is great way to make your small kitchen feel bigger without ...
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Building to Code - Don't Believe the Hype

Believe me when I tell you, you DON'T want your next home improvement project built to code. That's right I said you DON'T want your project built to code! Why is that?Building to code has somehow become linked to something superior when it really means that you are simply building to the ...
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Make Sure You're Getting the Best Roof for Your Money

Simply put, you can just call R4 Restoration at 404.428.1255 However, if you are looking for more information then read on. The first tip is to always get written estimates or agreements specifying the work to be done and materials to be used. Find ...
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