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Simply put, you can just call R4 Restoration at 404.428.1255 However, if you are looking for more information then read on.

The first tip is to always get written estimates or agreements specifying the work to be done and materials to be used. Find out specifically what things will and won't be covered in case something should happen. (For example: a large amount of roofing material fell onto your patio furniture and damaged it. Or, your drywall ceiling was damaged due to the roofer dropping something in your attic while changing some decking.) Whether or not you choose a company that will cover some of those type items is up to you, but you just need to get these things covered in writing before the project starts.

Make sure you are getting apples to apples estimates. Just because two companies are both offering you an estimate including 30 yr. shingles does not mean that they are equal products, and the cost of these shingles can vary a few hundred dollars between one 30 yr. shingle and the other. Make sure of all the features of the shingles they are offering such as Wind Resistance, Algae Resistance, Product Warranty Length, and (more important on higher quality products is) Fire Rating, and Hail Impact Rating. Also look into the other products offered, not just the shingles. What about an underlayment? If your estimate says felt will be used, is it 30lb or 15lb rolls? As with everything else make sure it's in writing and it is specific.

The best quality for the best price. As with most people you probably want the best quality work done but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. The truth is roofing products cost a good bit and the more protection you receive the more you will have to pay for it. To try and get more for your money don't think that just because you decided to hire two guys with a pickup truck that you will be paying less. Nine times out of ten you will end up paying more and having the project drawn out over a longer period of time. Find out where they get materials from, if they are ordering everything from Home Depot or Lowe's your most likely paying more. The accounts we have setup with suppliers give us the opportunity to provide our customers with better products and prices.

Find out about previous work. In todays economy many people have been laid off of work and are looking for some income, so make sure you are dealing with a professional who has a portfolio to back them up and a company to support them. R4 Restoration has many homes in the Atlanta area that we have worked on and can show you finished work and give you customer references to back it up.

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