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Expert Mold removal and Remediation in Atlanta staRts at R4

Water leads to mold. Fire leads to water leads to mold. Storm leads to water leads to mold. No matter the inciting incident mold is most likely going to grow as a result. If not taken care of quickly and completely, mold has the potential to cause harm to your family's health.

The best thing to do is to think ahead and prevent any possible mold growth. Mold loves moisture. Anywhere in your home where you've had previous water damage could be a new home for mold. Mold can be cleaned and removed with a combination of chemicals (that kill and prevent mold growth) and drying (removing the environment that breeds more mold).

One of the 4 R's of R4 is Remediation. It's a pillar of the services we specialize in. Call or email today to get help with your mold or water damage.

Need additional information on mold? Here is a link to R4Clean.

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