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Three Things to Do When A Water Pipe Bursts!

When your pipe bursts this can create serious water damage to both your home and personal property. It’s important that you respond quickly to minimize the damage.

1. Stop the Flow of Water

  • Shut off the main water supply that connects the main water pipe to the house.
  • If you are unable to do this, stop and call a plumber ASAP so they can turn it off for you.

2. Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

  • Water is pervasive, it gets into all areas, both seen and unseen. If not dried in a timely manner it can increase the risk of mold growth, a potential health hazard.
  • You need high powered water extraction systems; a mop and bucket aren’t going extract all water.
  • Professional drying equipment and dehumidifiers are needed to thoroughly dry out everything affected.
  • Moisture detection devices reveal where unseen water has migrated. This is important because it will eliminate the need of any exploratory guess work, opening up walls and floors to see if there is any water.
  • Some hardwood floors can be saved if immediate action is taken to start drying them out with specialized industry equipment, like the Injectidry system.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

  • After the water damage restoration company assess the scope of damages, you may decide to file a claim with your insurance company.
  • Call your agent or 1-800 claims number to file a claim.
  • Let the adjuster know that you have a water damage restoration company already mitigating the damages. Provide your adjuster with their name and phone number. Keep in mind that for many insurance companies to cover your claim they require the homeowner to take appropriate and immediate action to stop the loss and any further damage. Knowing that you already took the steps to have a professional water restoration company come and start the process shows your insurance company you are reasonable and take your commitment with them seriously.

R4 Restoration is happy to work along with your insurance company should you decide to file a claim. We specialize in working with the insurance industry and understand exactly what they need to make your claims process easier. Before we start the process, we document all damages by taking pictures for your insurance claims adjuster. We also document all moisture readings and any equipment being used. These are vital steps for your insurance claims adjuster to verify coverage. You can be reassured that our prices are based on industry standards. We use the same estimating software that your Insurance industry uses. By adhering to these standard prices, it keeps the costs of repairs in line with the expectations of your insurance company, which help in quickening their approval process.

Things you should consider when looking for a Water Damage Restoration Company

  • They should be IIRCR certified for water mitigation and mold remediation as well as licensed and fully insured.
  • They need to be able to respond within 30 minutes of receiving your call; that means being at your home within 30 minutes as this will minimize the damage.
  • They should NOT give you a quote over the phone. They have no idea the extent of the damage and so there is no possible way for them to have any idea of the cost. If they give you a quote over the phone, you can be assured of one of two things, the price will change, or they are overcharging you upfront.
  • If a possible insurance claim, will they work with your insurance company and not require payment from you upfront? Will they document with photos every step they are taking and provide explanations and estimate to your insurance adjuster?
  • If they want all the money upfront, it’s best to contact another restoration company who is willing to work with you.

Call R4 Restoration now because the longer you wait, the water from your burst pipe will cause more damage. Quick removal of all water and proper drying is necessary to avoid any potential health hazards and to meet all your insurance company’s requirements.

So, whether it’s your pipe bursting or any other water source, R4 of Suwanee is here to help you.

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