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R4 - Essential to the Continued Operation of the U.S. Healthcare System

For those that don’t know, during the current crisis many companies are being forced to either limit what they do, or close down completely. This applies mainly to what are deemed nonessential industries. Essential industries are urged to continue running as normal. Essential is defined as those that are critical to the infrastructure and continued running of everyday life for the majority of citizens.

Federal guidelines give state and local authorities leeway as to who are considered essential businesses during an emergency. In general, those industries identified as essential include grocery stores and food production, pharmacies, health care, utilities, shipping, banking, other governmental services, law enforcement and emergency personnel.

R4 Restoration is included in the essential category. We will continue to provide emergency water, fire, and mold mitigation and restoration services. We are on the frontlines of the disinfection efforts being made to control and stop the spread of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With our use of SteraMist™ we are in a unique position to help during this crisis.

We would like to thank all our wonderful employees at R4 for your continued dedication to help in these uncertain times. Health and safety are our priority, even now more than ever, and we appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep our families and community as safe as possible.

Below is the actual exemption letter from TOMI™ and the TSN™ discussing the EPA and FDA registrations that deem us essential to continued operation of the US Healthcare System.

R4 Restoration TSN Exempt Letter - PDF Download

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